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As the name EMID implies, the topics of Entrepreneurship, Management, Innovation and Development are in our heart. EMID conferences are aimed at providing an opportunity for the participants to engage, share and learn something new on their field of interest as well as foster relationship among like-minded people.   

The EMID conferences, therefore, will target a few specific segments of the academic and professional clients who would be interested in attending and benefiting from their participation. Our conferences will provide a platform for exchanging and sharing both practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, enterprise management, innovation and development of resources and human capacity. All EMID conferences will be structured under the themes identified here and headed by a team of experts who would also moderate and may participate as keynote speakers.

 Academics, professionals, and students can attend the conferences either as an active or passive participant. An active participant should be willing to present an academically sound paper with an appropriate title (please refer to the conference theme for topics) at the conference under one of the themes of entrepreneurship, management, innovation and development. If you consider yourself as an expert or are willing to acquire and enhance your knowledge and expertise in one of the areas under the fields of entrepreneurship, enterprise management, innovation and development, EMID conferences remain the best opportunity to do so. We aim to publish the conference proceedings at the end of the conference and some selected papers will be peer-reviewed and published in the IJEMID.

 We aim to host at least two major conferences a year, one in late winter in the UK and another in late summer outside the UK. The scope of the EMID conferences is international and therefore we intend to hold one conference every year in cities outside the UK.


Call for Papers: Submit your abstract or full paper (refer to IJEMID for formatting and submission specifications) with the ref: EMIDLONDON2018



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