Dear Researchers and Practitioners,

You are invited to submit your abstract to the International  EMID Conference as detailed below:

Online London Conferences || 20th Dec 2020 || Online London UK||

Please send your research paper proposal summary for evaluation by the Scientific Committee and if the proposal summary is accepted, the submitter (s) must provide a full-text paper.

Your Proposal will be reviewed by the team of reviewers/ scientific committee. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail along with information regarding payments (HSBC bank details ) for the Registration  Fee for the EMID Conference. Upon payment of the required registration fee to Graduate College England London’s Bank account (HSBC bank), your presentation will be confirmed. The full paper will pass-through the double-blind review process. If the full paper is accepted, then the paper can be requested for subsequent publication opportunities with Conference proceedings, Otherwise, your abstract only will be published in the Proceeding.

Best manuscripts/ papers from the conference will also have an opportunity to publish with an international Journal IJEMID; provided such a manuscript meets the conditions, process and standards of the Journal.

The International Conference of Entrepreneurship Management Innovation and Development (ICEMID) is an international, professional and peer-reviewed Conference.

Please follow the Authors’ guidelines for submitting your article for considerations of presentations and publication.

  1. Stage 1 : Submit Research Paper Proposal for  consideration for presentation at EMID Conference
  2. Stage 2: Proposal approved/Rejected.
  3. Stage 3 : If approved, Pay the registration fee for attending the conference and present your paper. and Register yourself by sending an email to PyblishEmid@gmail.com.
  4. Stage 4: Submit full Paper.
  5. Stage 5 : Attend Conference.
  6. Stage 6 : The full Paper double-blind reviewed for publication in the Proceeding, or and in IJEMID Journal




CHECKLIST (Please check the full paper before sending it to us). The Research Paper Template should be used, with the following subheadings.

  • Paper Title
  • Authors Names, Affiliation, and brief biographies. (Full author names, Institute
  • Name, Name of Department, Country Name, E-mail addresses, biography)
  • Abstract
  • Background/Introductory
  • Main Focus of the Article
  • Review of the Literature
  • Research Methods Used
  • Findings and Discussion
  • Scope for any Future Research
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendices

How to submit your Full research paper for consideration and peer review process. :

Either send your research paper by email: PublishEMID@gmail.com . OR upload your research paper via this website. 

The Editors and Organisers: (JEMID International Conference of Entrepreneurship Management Innovation and Development) Email: publishEMID@gmail.com

Brief Guidelines for Research Proposal

Matching of the Proposal to the conference theme.
Completeness of Proposal Abstract.
The Attractiveness of the research.
Proposal / Abstracts should contain the following:    

  • Relevant and complete title (ideally up to 15 words)
  •  Full Names, Affiliations, and Emails of author(s)
  •  Research Proposal  Abstract (ideally 150-300 words) indicating: Research
  • Objectives, Methodology, Findings, Research Outcomes, and Future Scope.
  •  3 to 5 Keywords.
  • _______________________

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