Registering for EMID Conferences

The EMID conference’s target segments of customers who are interested in knowing practical and theoretical aspects of managing entrepreneurship, management of the business, innovation and developing the capacity of resources and people. The conference provided opportunities for our clients to interact with our experts in various fields. the Expert will share their practical and hands-on experiences underpinned by theoretical and proven models of success under EMID fields.
If you are one of the experts or someone who is interested in enhancing your capability in entrepreneurship, management, innovation, and development, then EMID conferences are the best opportunities for you to learn, share, network, and implement your dream projects successfully. Please go ahead and book for the next conference.

Visa for Travelling to the UK (for f2f conference attendance only )
Check at the UKVI site if you require Visa to visit the UK.
if you require and need a visa to work, do business or academic research in the UK
The visa you need to apply for depends on your circumstances. for a Standard Visitor visa – eg if you’re coming to the UK for conferences, meetings, training, academic research, or a sabbatical as a visitor doing a ‘permitted paid engagement’ (you must have been invited to the UK because of your expertise) – you can only stay for up to 1 month. For more information on this subject please visit https://www.gov.uk/standard-visitor-visa or UKVI website. 

Process for attending an IC-EMID Conference :

  1. Step1: Submit your research proposal paper
  2. Step 2: Acceptance/rejection of your research paper by EMID Organisations.
  3. Once you receive an invoice and invitation letter, the registration process begins. You have to complete the following steps
  4. Step 3- Submit the Registration Fee as per the Invoice.
  5. Registration Fee includes:
  6. Participation in the technical programme, Lunch, and coffee breaks. International journal publication of original papers,( if accepted for publication ), no charge for extra pages in the publication, Conference accessories , Conference e-Proceedings, Certificate of Participation.

** 20th Dec 2020 conference is online only. **100% discount for online participation for 20th Dec 2020 online conference. However, If you want a certificate of attendance & publishing in EMID Journal then you need to pay a fee of £50.00 per
paper. This is not an open conference for the public, only authorized invitees will be allowed to attend online. The terms and conditions apply. **

Presenter  £ 175.00
Participation in Absentia £ 150.00
Listener/ Co-author £ 100.00
Additional Paper Submission £ 125.00
Friend/ Family of Participant £ 125.00
Young Researcher Scholarship £ 100.00

Please see payment procedures as given below.
7. Step 4 – Email Evidence of Payment to PublishEMID@gmail.com.
Send a copy of your registration payment evidence to the conference secretariat.
8. Step 5 – Copyright Transfer: All authors who are willing to publish their work need to sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement Form (for the original paper). Except for already published work (Including Ph.D. Thesis Synopsis), where, the copyright will be retained by the Original Publisher/ Author, as per the case.
9. Step 6 – Presenting the paper at the Conference: All the papers must adhere to author guidelines and must be submitted as Microsoft Word Doc or Docx format. Authors presenting published work must provide their work with a full citation for verification. Authors need to respond to editor emails within prescribed deadlines, in order to get the paper published in the International Journal.
11. Camera Ready Paper Submission (ask Organisers for details).

Finish the payment of the registration fee (as per your category and terms and conditions or promotions or early words disclosures etc) as soon as possible to secure your participation, as only a fixed number of participants are designated for every International Conference.

Send an email to publishEMID@gmail.com and get confirmation of acceptance of your attendance at the conference. 
Conference Committee reserves all the rights to close the registration process before the mentioned deadlines, on completion of the required number of registrations.
Delegates will be provided with an official receipt for fee payment along with the participation certificate.

Kindly find the appropriate registration fees on the registration page of our website. ALL payments must be made ONLY to GRADUATE COLLEGE ENGLAND college of Professional Education London LTD’s HSBC bank account. You may register for one of the following options:

You may send money from your bank directly to GRADUATE COLLEGE ENGLAND college of Professional Education London LTD’s HSBC bank account. Please note that additional charges apart from the registration fees are borne by the participant. Please send the ‘Payment Evidence/ Payment Proof’ by Email at publishemid@gmail.com so that, we may track the payment, and register your candidature. The Bank details account will be sent to you after your paper is accepted.

In rare cases, the delegate  may pay on the spot at the time of registration, in such cases, the delegate needs to do the following:
Fill the application form and receive the conference invitation letter and invoice.
Inform the conference secretariat by email about ‘On Spot’ payment.
Submit a copy of flight tickets to the conference location/ institute’s letter for permission to attend the conference to the conference secretariat.
Submit the registration fee as per the Invoice to the conference coordinator at the venue.

PayPal details will be given on the registration page. Just you need is a debit/credit card and an email address. 
Enter the fee amount in the box
Click Pay Now/ Next Button
Log In to your PayPal Account/ Sign Up with PayPal
Make payment using your Credit/ Debit Card
You will get a payment receipt immediately from PayPal, and one copy will automatically come to us.
All you need is an email account and a Credit/ Debit Card
The link to your PayPal account will be sent to you after your paper is accepted.
Please insert the amount in GBP (£):
Please add 5% to the payable amount (PayPal Fees)

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