Aim of the conference

The International conference of Entrepreneurship, Management, Innovation and Development (ICEMID) will enable academicians from all over the world to exchange their knowledge and search for new information. The conference aims to build a stable and sustainable knowledge base. It invites articles in entrepreneurship, management, applied sciences, education and pedagogy, sustainability and corporate responsibility, innovation, public policy, economic development and international development.

Sector and Industry Specific Papers :

The researchers and practitioners from the fields of travel , tourism, hospitality, events, services, airlines, and range of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking and other sectors of economy are welcome to submit their proposal papers to present at the conferences.


Entrepreneurship from The Perspective of Firms
Balance Scorecard And EMID
Entrepreneurial Capital
Entrepreneurial Expertise Creates Growth How to Harness Knowledge to Remain Competitive
Entrepreneurial Finance
Entrepreneurial Learning
Entrepreneurship Education
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship
Family Business
Female Entrepreneurship
Gender, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
How Entrepreneurs Set Up New Ventures
Human Resources for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Family-Owned Businesses
Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Ethics
Innovative Financing for Innovation and Entrepreneurs
Maximise Success in Early-Stage Enterprise
Measuring Firm Performance and Process of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Motivation/Firm Creation or Dissolution/Founder Characteristics
New Venture Creation
Practical Challenges Associated with Creating a New Entrepreneurial Venture
Quality Systems for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Social Networks/Business Groups/Alliances as Routes to Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Venture Capital Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Responsible Entrepreneur
High Technology Entrepreneurship


Approaches to Develop Knowledge Base Across Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Blend Strategy and Creativity to Manage Current and Future Business Challenges
Case Studies in Technology Strategy and Innovation
Collaboration and Open Innovation
Creative Industries
CSR, Climate Change, New Technology & Innovations
Design Thinking for Innovation
Development of Skills to Manage Innovation at Strategic and Operational Levels
Disruptive Innovation and Organisational Excellence
Economic Growth by Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Effective Organisation and Maintain a Culture of Innovation
Enhance Capability to Think Differently to Develop Innovative Products, Services and Organisations.
Social Innovation
Fostering Innovation culture in Sectors (The Travel and Tourism Sector, Banking, Retail ‘Agricultural)
How Companies Introduce Innovation
Innovation and Appropriate Culture and Right Leadership Approaches
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education/Learning
Innovation and Market Strategy
Innovation and The Knowledge Economy
Innovation Cycle
Innovation Entrepreneurs and Organisation Structure
Innovation Models for Different Businesses and Sectors
Innovation, Survival and Business Growth
Innovation, Technology Evaluation and Foresight


Accounting and Finance
Business Strategy and Innovation Management;
Capture Value Through Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management
Events, Hospitality and Tourism Management

General Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Marketing & Entrepreneurship Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Strategic Planning and New Concept, Services and Products Development

Supply Chain Management/Distribution
Innovation Management

Finance Management

Human Resources Development

Production Management

Destination Management

Staff turnover and motivation

Product development

Management of Information systems

Customer relationship Management

Sustainable Management




Business Creation and Development;
Capacity Building in Education, Health, IT, Cyber Security Innovations Entrepreneurship, Professional Researchers Public and Private Sector Knowledge Transfer
Developing Enterprising Individuals
Governments and The Global Economy
Interdisciplinary Perspective to Understand the Organisational and Policy Challenges of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
International Competitiveness through Innovation
International Entrepreneurship/Cross-National Comparisons/Individual Country Studies
Internationalization, Exporting and Small Business
Policy Making and Agenda-Setting Through Sustainable Technologies (Biotechnologies, Nanotechnologies, Mobile (3G) Technologies and The Wide Range of Technologies Used in The Construction, Food, Water, Automobile, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, Defence, And Service Sector Industries)
Regional, National and Global Dimensions of Science, Technology and Innovation
Sustainable Development
Transforming Economies Through Disruptive Innovation

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